Monday, September 28, 2020

Pandemic or a Chance to Grow


When we talk about the pandemic situation, nobody has been untouched by the devastating and heart-breaking damage that it caused to human life, but it will be equally wrong to say that it only caused damage. People who had ideas and innovation came out as emerging businessmen, some turned into chefs and some turned into painters, not just for fun but they actually expanded their boundaries and have started selling things online with as little effort and cost as possible. Have a look at the people selling masks and sanitizers online.

Someone rightly said that a businessman is like an eagle hunting for its prey. Just like hunters going out in search for their food, businessmen looking out for opportunities. They look out for efficient, productive, innovative, and profitable ideas. We Indians are often called as innovative and flexible, we always come out with our solutions to problems, we do not need proper degrees to be called as businessmen, look at your ancestors and acknowledge how effortlessly they managed to survive through all the twists and turns. People today, come out with innovative ideas and business opportunities while surfing through different websites online.

The lock-down forced us to stay inside but it can never constrain our ideas. The internet provides us a virtual platform where we can post our information and get quick results. We, no longer, have to be limited to the boundaries and locality we live in, we can spread our wings and go “Worldwide”.

While offline sellers have many barriers, online sellers have a wider reach, wider acceptance, more customer-friendly services, access to unlimited shelf space, lower start-up cost, round the clock marketing, and much more. Our P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi has also given it a green signal by emerging “Digital India” and “Make in India”.

So, what’s stopping you? Reach out to online marketing and don’t hesitate to join online business opportunities.

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